We Understand Tourism Search

Tourism Search has locations at its core. Your search solution must instantly understand what destination your visitor is looking for and suggest your best products and services there.

A Great User Experience

GeoGate gives users the familiar Google-style experience that they're used to and love, while still providing great keyword, freetext and parametric search features.

Designed to Fit Right In

GeoGate handles everything your legacy search solution does, so you can confidently move your entire search system over to GeoGate or just supercharge an existing search system with geographic intelligence.

Supports Any Inventory

GeoGate can be used to sell accommodation, events, restaurants or any other geographically-based product of interest to tourism.

Multi-Market, Multi-Language

GeoGate covers all of Europe and has support for searching in six languages (English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch)

Continuously Updated

The geography database is updated and exapded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by our automated, intelligent processing system. New additions are cross-checked and quality-assured against existing data to ensure maximum quality and coverage.

Easy, Flexible Deployment

GeoGate is available both as a SaaS (cloud-based) solution and as an on-site installation. A powerful yet easy to use REST API is provided for integration with your website and backend services.